Error in a new KB article: Will it get fixed?

Today I discovered a new knowledge base article "How to Create a Physical Disk Resource with Cluster.exe". (Yes, I love RSS for the KB!)

To my surprise the article contains an incomplete and unnescesary complex procedure to accomplish the task. The procedure in the article requires to get the disk signature for the disk before creating the resource. It is possible to get the disk signature using automation, but it is very hard to do and not quite intuitive. For those who want to do the challenge. The disk signatures are in the registry under HKLM\System\MountedDevices.

The correct and most simple procedure to create a physical disk resource with cluster.exe should look like this:
c:\>Cluster . res "Disk X:" /create /group:"Disk Group 1" /type:"physical disk"
– This command creates a physical disk resource named Disk X: in a group named Disk Group 1.

c:\>Cluster . res "Disk X:" /priv Drive=X:
– This command associates the physical disk with drive letter X: to the Disk X: resource.

c:\>Cluster . res "Disk X:" /On
– This command brings the newly created physical disk resource online.

I submitted the error using the feedback form in the article. Let’s see how long it takes to get the updated information to the KB.

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13 Responses to Error in a new KB article: Will it get fixed?

  1. John says:

    Feedback finally received. I\’m reviewing this for myself before posting this info to the KB.

  2. Mark says:

    I also found another way to get the disk signature for a cluster. get it to actually work if you named your cluster resource something more intersting than I: such as I-Quorum you have to do cluster res clusterresourcename /privThe KB says to do cluster res "drive i:" /priv but I was able to do it as cluster res I-Quorum /priv, I think its the actual cluster resource name.

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