Windows Mobile 5.0 jumpstart or not?

Yesterday I purchased my new phone. The i-mate SP5 running Windows Mobile
5.0. I expected an easy migration from my previous phone that is running Windows
Mobile 2003. Well it seems I need to get ready for a few challenges.


For Outlook mobile access I use a webserver with a
homebrewn certificate. How on earth do I tell my phone that it should trust my
CA? Same for my 802.1x enabled wireless network. It uses a certificate from the
same CA.


When I try to install my root CA certificate on my
phone it says:
"Security permission was
insufficient to update your device". Looks like I am not completely in
charge of Windows Mobile 5.0 on my phone. A search on the Internet revealed
this seems to be true. MSDN sheds some light on this issue. On
there is the following statement: “The
catch is that only trusted processes can install certificates. Therefore, the
device manager (the OEM or mobile operator) must set up a developer program
that you can use to install these certificates.”.


If I am correct, my OEM (i-mate) must setup a version
of certinst.exe signed as trusted by my phone to enable me to install my CA as
a trusted root CA.


Well I mailed them with the question and hope I will
be able to use my phone sooner or later.

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