WM5 – Get a cheap SSL cert now

I send my howto question about my own CA to the i-Mate support department yesterday, but I did not get an answer. And I hate to see my new toy sitting there being useless. So I checked out my options to get myself a cheap trusted SSL certificate. I ended up with instantssl.com. I got my 3-year SSL certificate for as little as $139.


But there is a trick.


Instantssl.com recently changed the root CA for their certificates from “GTE Trusted Root” to “UTN – UserFirst-Hardware”.  The first root is trusted by WM5, the new one is not. When you order a cert at instantsll.com you automatically get a certificate signed by “UTN – UserFirst-Hardware”. Don’t install this certificate on your OWA server! Contact the support department with your order number and request a certificate signed by their GTE Trusted Root intermediate CA. This certificate works like a charm!


I am ready to run WM5!



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