Seattle here I come

I am selected to be a proctor at the Windows Vista TAP-RD Airlift conference in Seattle on January 23 and 24!

This is an invitation only event and most information will be under NDA, but I am ready to learn a lot!

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4 Responses to Seattle here I come

  1. Will says:

    Hi Ray,I tried downloading the i-Mate certificate import tool but i-Mate would not let me download. I\’ve got an MDA Vario (provided by T-Mobile, UK) which is the i-Mate K-Jam equivalent. I tried registering my device\’s EMEI number on the i-Mate site but it didn\’t register as supported. Wondering if it\’s possible to get a copy of the app.I have tried hacking my device a couple of times and it doesn\’t want to work. Being able to sync with exchange was one of the main reasons for me getting this device – so it\’s been frustrating to say the least.Thanks,Will

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