Bluetooth in Vista on my Acer TM3012

Bluetooth in Vista on my Acer TM3012

Yesterday I reinstalled Windows Vista on my Acer TravelMate 3012 laptop. After installing the OS I had two issues:

  1. Audio installed, but did not work. Updating the drivers from the latest version on the Acer website worked.
  2. Bluetooth did not install at all. All I saw was an "Acer Module" that had no drivers.

Here is what I did to get Bluetooth working:

  • Start the Device Manager
  • Locate the Acer Module with the ? next to it. This is the Acer Bluetooth
  • Click Update Driver
  • Select Broadcom "Blutonium BCM2035 Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Single Chip Transceiver " from the Manual List of drivers

Bluetooth support will now install and be available to you in Control Panel.


I wonder how I will automate this procedure in BDD?

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65 Responses to Bluetooth in Vista on my Acer TM3012

  1. Ivar says:

    Thanx. Great hel. Finnaly got it working!

  2. Fabio says:

    hi, help me about audio…pleasecan you contact me

  3. Jackie says:

    I have the Blutonium driver loaded on my Acer 4005 laptop with Vista Home Premium but 4 unknown devices keep coming up asking for drivers. I don\’t have any devices turned on only the button on the laptop that turns on the transciever. Anyone know what he drivers are that it wants for the unknown devices?

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