Vista and my HP Laserjet 2300

The next hurdle on my workstation running Vista was my printer.

On my laptop I already experienced an issue with my printer. My Laserjet 2300 has an extra 250-sheet paper tray I use for special paper with my company logo on it. With Windows XP it was quite easy to create different printers that default to different output defaults like duplex or print from Tray 3. When I install the driver for my printer I can choose from the HP Laserjet 2300 Series PS and the HP Laserjet 2300 Series PCL5 drivers. When I choose the HP Laserjet 2300 Series PCL5 driver, I can print, but there is no option to choose the paper tray. The only option available for the paper source is "automatically select". The rest is grayed out. On windows XP with the driver for the "HP Laserjet 2300 Series PCL 5e" driver this has always worked.

The lack of options here has been bugging me for weeks on my laptop until today. I found out that there is the option to choose the "HP Laserjet 2300 Series PCL6" driver on the advanced tab in the printer properties. When this driver is selected all options to choose a paper source are suddenly available.

I still think it is strange that you only get half the driver when the PCL5 driver is chosen. What even bugs me more is the fact that you cannot chose the PCL6 driver to start with. I am under the impression that a lot more HP printers have this issue when you install them with their initially available PCL5 drivers.

Another issue I have to work out is how I can install the Vista printer drivers on my Windows Server 2003 print server. Currently I have not found an option to install the drivers on Windows Server 2003 as they are not available separate from Windows Vista.

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1 Response to Vista and my HP Laserjet 2300

  1. Ray says:

    Use the Print Management console in Vista, add your server to the list, select the appropiate driver and push install to the server.
    See and

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