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Vista update training offering

Time for a commercial break. During the beta time frame of Windows Vista I was requested by a worldwide operating IT firm to train their consultants for Windows Vista. At the time I planned to run the standard update training … Continue reading

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How to boot a Vista system from a locally stored WIM file

The Windows AIK provides excellent opportunities to create custom Windows PE based images. Those images are provided as WIM files and can be easily converted to ISO files to be burned on CD or DVD. WIM files can also be … Continue reading

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Vista and my HP Laserjet 2300

The next hurdle on my workstation running Vista was my printer. On my laptop I already experienced an issue with my printer. My Laserjet 2300 has an extra 250-sheet paper tray I use for special paper with my company logo … Continue reading

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My scanner and Vista

Currently I am making my next move to Vista. Last week I upgraded my main workstation to Vista and started installing all stuff that I use under XP. So far so good. Until I tried to use my scanner. I … Continue reading

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Registerd for Tech Ed

Ok I am registered for Tech Ed 2007! See you in Orlando?  

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BDD 2007 RTW

Finally Microsoft released the solution accelerator for Bussiness Desktop Deployment 2007. I will upgrade my systems shortly to see if they fixed all issues I had with the RC version.

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Bluetooth headset in Vista

It seems Windows Vista has a problem connecting Bluetooth headsets that has not been solved yet. I ran into this when I tried to connect my Acer Bluetooth VOIP Phone to my TM3010. After pairing the device that it recognizes … Continue reading

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Customizing WDS PXE Boot

A big thank you for Ron. During my last BDD session I had not really investigated the possibility to disable the extra F12 keypress requirement when booting PXE from the network. This option is still available in WDS. You just … Continue reading

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MCT Summit 2007

From Wednesday I will be spending the rest of the week in Zurich at the MCT Summit 2007. 400 MCT’s will be attending from 52 countries over the world. It promises to become a very interesting event.

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BDD 2007 presentation

Today’s BDD 2007 presentation in Barneveld went quite well in my opinion. At least all demo’s ran smooth except for the Office Customization Tool that really does not like me. Thanks everyone for being there and I hope you enjoyed … Continue reading

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