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Case of the unexplained: whoami.exe and the Deny flag

In my TechEd sessions “Raiders of the Elevated Token” I used to demo the group memberships contained in the user token using whoami.exe. Whoami.exe is a part of Windows since Windows Vista and seemed a valid tool for this purpose … Continue reading

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Disable the “Set Network Location” dialog in Vista

This week I got a Windows Vista question that sounded easy, but turned out to be one of those things missing as a policy configurable option. Whenever Windows Vista is connected to a new network, the system presents the "Set … Continue reading

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Vista Language Interface Packs

Windows Vista offers two options to change the User Interface (UI) language: MUI (Multi Language Interface) Packs LIP (Language Interface Pack) The MUI packs offer the possibility to introduce multiple languages in a single Vista installation and choose a language … Continue reading

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Vista update training offering

Time for a commercial break. During the beta time frame of Windows Vista I was requested by a worldwide operating IT firm to train their consultants for Windows Vista. At the time I planned to run the standard update training … Continue reading

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BDD 2007 RTW

Finally Microsoft released the solution accelerator for Bussiness Desktop Deployment 2007. I will upgrade my systems shortly to see if they fixed all issues I had with the RC version.

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Bluetooth headset in Vista

It seems Windows Vista has a problem connecting Bluetooth headsets that has not been solved yet. I ran into this when I tried to connect my Acer Bluetooth VOIP Phone to my TM3010. After pairing the device that it recognizes … Continue reading

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Customizing WDS PXE Boot

A big thank you for Ron. During my last BDD session I had not really investigated the possibility to disable the extra F12 keypress requirement when booting PXE from the network. This option is still available in WDS. You just … Continue reading

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